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Digital Television Information and Troubleshooting

Digital TV Equipment
Scanning and Re-scanning
Remember, to start receiving the new signals, you will need to make your digital-ready TV or converter box scan for available channels. Usually this is accomplished with the remote control by hitting the "Menu" button and then navigating to a "Scan", "Rescan", "Channel Search" or similar menu item. It can be a little tricky because there is a lot of variety in the terminology used by TV manufacturers. The user's guide that came with your TV or converter box should provide detailed instructions for scanning. If you can't locate the user's guide for your TV, they can frequently be found in the tech support section of the manufacturer's website.
Some converter boxes may indicate channel numbers different than the ones above (such as 11.1, 11.2, 11.3, etc.). They are probably the correct stations, but are just displayed with different channel numbers.
If you try to get the new digital stations and it doesn't work, please contact the district technician.

Do I need a new antenna?
Please check the detail page for the site serving your area for antenna information.

Do I need a signal preamplifier ("booster")?
If you have a good view to the transmitter site, you can try using an antenna and no signal preamplifier. If you find the the signal is too weak, you can then add an amplifier. We recommend a signal preamplifier for most subscribers unless you are close to a transmitter site and have an unobstructed view (line-of-sight) to the site. The best type has a part that mounts at the antenna and is often called an "outdoor preamplifier" or "outdoor amplifier". Example:

What about the cable from the antenna to the TV?
We recommend using RG6 coax cable for better performance.

Do I need a "converter box"?
If you have an older television that does not have a digital tuner, you'll need a digital-to-analog converter box once we begin broadcasting digital signals.

    Recommended converter boxes:
  • Magnavox DTV (Amazon.com)
  • RCA DTA800B1(Walmart.com and Omak & Chelan Stores)
Note: As far as we know, all makes and models of converter boxes work. High-Definition TV (HD or HDTV)
Some of the channels will be in high-definition at least part of the time. Whether it is HD or "normal" will depend entirely on the originating station. To display HD, you'll need a television that can produce either 720 or 1080 lines (720p or 1080i). Unfortunately, older analog TV's with converter boxes will not be able to display content in high-definition; it will look like "normal" television.

FCC Information
The FCC has created a useful website about the conversion to digital. The main website is www.dtv.gov and a page answering frequently asked questions is at http://www.dtv.gov/consumercorner.html.

If you have questions about the conversion or if you have found additional information that we could share on this page, please contact the district technician.