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Grizzly Mountain Digital TV Information

Grizzly Mountain serves the Upper Methow Valley
from the Wolf Creek area to Lost River.

Current status:
All channels are up.

    Grizzly lineup:
  • 2.1 KREM (CBS, SD)
  • 4.1 KXLY (ABC, SD)
  • 6.1 KHQ (NBC, SD)
  • 7.1 KSPS (PBS, HD
  • 7.2 KSPS World (PBS, SD)
  • 7.3 KSPS Create (PBS, SD)
  • 28.1 KAYU (FOX, HD)
  • 28.2 This TV (KAYU subchannel, SD)
Antenna Recommendations:
The digital channels are transmitted in the UHF frequency range, so your antenna must include UHF capability.
    If you are within a mile or so AND have a line-of-sight view to the transmitter site:
  • RCA 751 (Amazon.com).

Do I need a signal preamplifier ("booster")?
If you have a good view to the transmitter site, you can try using an antenna and no signal preamplifier. If you find the the signal is too weak, you can then add an amplifier. We recommend a signal preamplifier for most subscribers unless you are close to a transmitter site and have an unobstructed view (line-of-sight) to the site. The best type has a part that mounts at the antenna and is often called an "outdoor preamplifier" or "outdoor amplifier". Example:

What about the cable from the antenna to the TV?
We recommend using RG6 coax cable for better performance.

New Coverage Area
We now transmit a portion of the signal to the Wolf Creek area.

If you have questions about the conversion or if you have found additional information that we could share on this page, please contact Paul.