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Digital TV Help

Scanning and Re-scanning
To receive digital TV channels, your TV has to scan for them.
This is typically accomplished with your TV's remote control by hitting the "Menu" button and then navigating to a "Scan", "Channel Search" or similar menu item. It can be a little tricky because there is a lot of variety in the terminology used by TV manufacturers. The User Guide that came with your TV should provide detailed instructions for scanning. User Guides can frequently be found in the tech support section of a manufacturer's website.

Do I need an antenna?
We recommend an outdoor antenna with an outdoor amplifier (aka, "booster"). Please see the "Antenna Advice" section.

Do I need a signal "booster"?
We recommend an outdoor amplifier (aka booster) for most subscribers unless you are very close to a transmitter site and have an unobstructed view (line-of-sight).

IMPORTANT: You'll need a short (~3 ft) piece of coax cable to connect the outdoor part of the amplifier to the antenna.
For example: 3' coax from Amazon

What about the cable from the antenna to the TV?
We recommend using RG6 coax cable for better performance.

High-Definition TV (HD or HDTV)
Some of the channels will be in high-definition at least part of the time. Whether it is HD or "normal" will depend entirely on the originating station.

If you have questions about reception please contact the district technician.